Our Mission

Nylon Riot doesn’t simply create clothes; it creates a purpose. It tells a story.

Our goal is to deliver sartorial comfort, and timeless beauty, while awakening a deeper sense of respect and care for our customer and the products. With each piece you acquire from the collection, Nylon Riot promises something that makes you look beautiful on the outside, by never compromising on fit, construction, material, or thoughtful design. And, more importantly, feel beautiful on the inside, by giving back to the community, supporting our country and caring for the environment with every purchase.


The Story

In a corporate world, increasingly focused on the “bottom-line”, Nylon Riot strives to be a brand that’s about more than just dollars and cents. We seek to achieve this by staying true to our two overarching principles: Always give deference to our history, and always give back.

As an American company, we firmly believe in the spirit of individualism that is quintessentially American, but we also believe in the other side of the American coin: the need to contribute to and participate in our broader community. 

In attempting to balance these two forces, Emilie Morgen found inspiration from the experience of American women during the 1940s. With so many men abroad to fight in World War II, American women were asked to fill the void left by their husbands, fathers, sons and brothers, while at the same time continuing to maintain their homes and raise their children. These American ladies did not balk, but instead seized the opportunity. Their efforts not only ensured that the American Armed Forces would be successful abroad, but also that American women would begin to be treated as equals here at home. Our name, Nylon Riot, is taken from the female-driven “stocking riots” of the 1940s, known as the Nylon Riots, which saw women successfully demand the right to an everyday fashion item being rationed by DuPont at the time.

Nylon Riot pays homage to these women and strives to give a voice to everyday working women still fighting for their right to be seen as integral individuals and innovators with functional, timeless and high-quality designs that both look and feel great.

Nylon Riot represents the next generation of women who aren’t afraid of fighting for a cause, who demand more for themselves, and who never sacrifice what’s truly important. In keeping with the American spirit exhibited by those impressive American women of the wartime years, Nylon Riot emulates the same patriotic fervor that drove them by pulling design inspiration from American fashion history and by also choosing to manufacture exclusively in America.

Also in keeping with the American ethos to preserve our history and fight for something greater than ourselves, Nylon Riot promises to be a sustainable and eco-friendly brand, using only fabrics either sustainably produced or “upcycled”.

To see how we intend to further fulfill our second and most important principle, please see our Twist of Fate Section.

Creative Director

Emilie Morgen Wallin was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a child, her world was inspired by the city’s rich history and natural beauty, as well as the flourishing French, Spanish, Caribbean, African, and English cultural influences that run deep through the veins of New Orleans. Drawing from this milieu of cultural influences, Emilie spent much of her childhood experimenting with fashion and design before seeking formal education in Los Angeles. Working in fields ranging from textile design to millinery, Emilie has decided to channel her energies towards building something that brings both beauty and hope to her (and ultimately your) world. Thus, Nylon Riot and Twist of Fate were conceived.